My Journey With Ovarian Cyst


My journey starts back in the puberty years. I still remember those painful periods that made me stay in bed for two days, every single month of my life.

All other girls were free to run, play and dance, while I had to endure those severe pains in my abdomen and the endless bleeding that kept me stuck inside the house.

A Hopeless Medical Journey

In the beginning, my mother wasn’t worried. She said I was probably inheriting her, as she had suffered from premenstrual syndrome with moderate pains for her entire life.

Nonetheless, I was still desperate thinking I had to live my whole life like that, so I insisted to see a doctor. Before that I was looking for info on the internet for treatment and came across the ovarian cyst miracle review, I suggest that you check out the guide as well.

A few years passed, without any change in my situation. I had to go through the same horrible pains that ruined my happiness and brought me on the verge of depression.

Eventually, my mother agreed I needed medical help, so we went to see a doctor.

The pelvic exam revealed a cyst on my left ovary. I didn’t worry much, as I thought the doctor was going to give me some pills and everything was going to be just fine afterwards.

Much to my surprise, I was scheduled for a transvaginal ultrasound in order to determine what kind of cyst that was.

The test revealed my cyst was a functional one, so there was no need for surgery at that point.

Doctors were sure the cyst would shrink and disappear once I start my sex life, so I just needed to wait for that moment.

Unfortunately, two years later, my cyst was still there. It didn’t shrink at all as those doctors had told me. I already started to suspect ovarian cancer and I shared this suspicion with my doctor.

After a CA 125 blood test, I regained my peace of mind. It didn’t look like my cyst could have been cancerous, so that was a huge relief for me.

I forgot to tell you, my grandmother passed away from ovarian cancer complications. As this condition might be hereditary, I started reading anything I could find on this topic. Everything led me to believe this condition was in my DNA, so I had to accept it and try to live with it.

The Shift

My best friend invited me to join her in a detox camp. We were going to spend two weeks in a medical resort, in the middle of nowhere. For me, this was a life changing experience.

I learned what a healthy lifestyle meant, what we do wrong each and every day and what we can do to minimize the impact of the toxic environment we have to live in.

About one week after we came back home, I was very surprised to see my period came without the usual symptoms that kept me stuck in bed. There was still a discomfort, but something I was perfectly able to live with.

Today, my cyst is still there, but the healthy lifestyle I’ve embraced seems to work. I never had those excruciating pains again and the bleeding is now moderate.

I’m not a doctor, so I can’t give medical advice to anyone. If you have any symptoms like the ones I described, you should seek for medical advice. What worked for me might not be good for you, so take everything with a grain of salt.

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